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How does The Pay Index help Universities?

Imagine the marketing opportunities for the University if you can track the career success of your Alumni, beyond the basic entry and exit salary surveys undertaken by countless business schools. Imagine an ongoing and lifetime recording of the Alumni and which industries, functions and locations they have built their careers in. With TPI Alumni, schools can see anonymously the success of their Alumni which builds a lifetime connection between school and student, critical to the marketing the success of the university. Schools can track Alumni by:

  • Degree of Study
  • Industry sectors
  • Job function
  • Year of graduation
  • Compensation & Gender Pay Balance
  • Location

How does The Pay Index help Alumni?

University students are competitive. Where they ranked in class, the strength of their first job offer and the competitiveness of the industry sector are all badges of honour. However, other than keeping in touch with classmates and the occasional, if ever, survey from the university they have no real way of tracking how successful they are in their careers relative to their graduating classmates. The Pay Index solves all this by keeping up with the graduating class and allows for anonymous analysis of students versus their graduating class. Information can be analysed by:

  • Location
  • Industry sector
  • Job function
  • Seniority
  • Compensation
  • Gender Pay Balance

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