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The Pay Index helps school leavers pursue higher education

The decision on whether to go to university is complicated to many. Among the long list of questions school leavers may have are: 

  • Will it pay off financially given the high costs and student loans?
  • What will the family trade-off be if the I go to university instead of becoming a breadwinner?
  • What’s the long-term impact of an apprenticeship or university degree versus going straight into the workforce?
  • What are the geographic options for work based on courses undertaken?


The Pay Index delivers credible compensation and student finance insights via destination data that hits 6 of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks for school leavers and parents in a visually clarifying way. 


Imagine the opportunities if you can track the career success of students beyond basic exit surveys and LEO, HESA and student loan data to provide lifetime value of education statistics.


With The Pay Index students, parents and all stakeholders can quickly and easily see how a path in higher education compares to other options such as apprenticeships or entering the workforce. The Pay Index provides the student with a tool that helps them track their career progress over an entire lifetime.

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Helping Uni Connect through Higher Horizons

Sharing accurate information with parents and students can be a struggle when access to data and the way it is presented is a challenge. 

Higher Horizons has commissioned The Pay Index to build The My Future: Univeristy report. This is to become a core tool for school leavers to have a conversation in the classroom about their future path or at home with their parents or guardians.   The ability to print off the tool into an easily accessible pdf. will ensure every school leaver regardless of their immediate access to Wi-Fi or a mobile phone will be able to access the tool. 

Head of Higher Horizons, Ant Sutcliffe said "We are delighted to be working with The Pay Index. Now, more than ever, we must be navigating and creating a virtual educational world that allows our young people to create pathways from school, to college, into university and - importantly - the world of work. The Pay Index are the ideal partners to help us, and the young people, on that journey"



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