About Us

The Pay Index was formed in 2018 to provide pay transparency for individuals and organisations. Headquartered in London, England, the team believes passionately about how data transparency can ensure individuals are able to make the right career and educational choices for themselves and that organisations can understand what pay is fair.


James Rust


James is founder and CEO of The Pay Index. In his prior role as a founder and partner at Leathwaite, he recognised the need  for an easy to use, visually rich, on-line executive compensation tool. As such he founded and launched The Pay Index, a global tool covering all industries for use by senior executives as well as businesses, executive search firms, associations and universities. 



Aoife Whitford

Head of Business Development

Aoife has a passion for innovation in the HR & Ed Tech space and has spent the last 12 years in increasingly senior roles across corporate and university sectors. She played a pivotal role in developing the What University Live? series of events from scratch, which now has over 10,000 school leavers and parent attendees on a quarterly basis across the UK. She is also our resident Diversity and Inclusion Champion and has a passion for fair and equal pay for all. 



Josh Hansen

Head of Digital Marketing

Josh has over nine years of experience within the digital marketing sphere, working across both B2B and B2C markets. He works within a data orientated approach to all things digital, believing data is essential to an effective and efficienct marketing strategy. Josh is looking forward to getting stuck into the opportunity presented by The Pay Index.


Jeff Bakes

Head of Reward Consulting

Jeff is a rewards expert with a recognized career delivering best in class compensation and benefits strategies. With a passion for his expertise Jeff recognized the potential of The Pay Index to inform rewards professionals with accurate, actionable real-time data, that provide insights that make a practical difference. Jeff has experience across all aspects of the reward function including executive remuneration, fixed and variable pay, benchmarking, analytics, global mobility, pensions and governance frameworks.  asdad

Jonathan Gibson

Data Scientist

Jonathan's educational background saw him analyse and model data trends in the field of medical physiology. This exposed him to various analytic tools, languages and concepts. When Jonathan was given the opportunity to join The Pay Index he realised he could make a difference and empower executives and companies to better understand their remuneration trends.

Nene Udofot

Customer Success Manager

Nene has over 10 years’ experience in marketing, customer service and on-boarding, ranging from international publishing houses to award winning e-learning providers. She is excited to bring her individual flair and passion for fair pay to The Pay Index.