How COVID-19 has affected salaries and career priorities globally

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The Pay Index helps students, professionals, educational institutions and businesses make informed decisions by providing transparency and analysis through its salary comparison reporting tool. Our up-to-date market data and cutting-edge software puts important salary and career prospect information into the hands of those who need it.


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See how much you can earn throughout your career via university, apprenticeship, and professional pathways. Or compare your current salary with up-to-date market data.

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How has COVID-19
affected salaries?

52% of the professionals we surveyed 
said their salary had been affected as a 
result of the pandemic.

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Whether a school, university or MAT, The Pay Index has an easy-to-use suite of reports that allow you, and your members, to compare higher educational outcomes for salary and career.

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How has COVID-19
affected career


According to our findings, 56% of 
professionals have changed their career 
priorities as a result of COVID-19.

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For Businesses

If you're thinking of how much to pay key hires, or simply comparing your current salary structures with the rest of the market, The Pay Index's reporting can help your business.

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How has COVID-19

Why were mature professionals more 
likely to have low career expectations 
for 2021?

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Why do individuals use The Pay Index?

Individuals use The Pay Index to gain a much clearer understanding of current compensation levels, essential when:

  • Negotiating a new job offer
  • Preparing for an annual appraisal
  • Understanding whether you are paid at, above or below market rate
  • Considering a move to a different town or city



Why do companies use The Pay Index?

Obtaining compensation data  is increasingly difficult. The Pay Index enables companies to gain a view on current global compensation expectations to assist with attracting and retaining the very best talent.


"Working with TPI has been a delight and they have encouraged real national collaboration, with a content creation group set up and the sharing of practice and sessions to create consistency across our regions.“

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Unique Cost of Living Index

Ever wondered how the cost of living within different cities impacts how much people need to earn or be paid? The Pay Index contains a unique interactive tool that enables individuals and companies to compare cost of living levels between different cities to understand how this impacts real-world net compensation levels.