Calling all parents...



Propella is the brainchild of The Pay Index. It is a fully interactive online tool designed to help parents explore the options available to their children once they leave school.

  • Completely unbiased guidance for parents and children deciding on an undergraduate degree, an apprenticeship qualification or degree apprenticeship.

  • Over 20 million pieces of data have been collated from our own, and other reputable, sources to give real-time information for parents who wish to get a better understanding of their child's future.

  • Propella's tools are an engaging way for parents to get to grips with student finance and other financial support options, educational pathways and future salary / employability prospects for their children.


“I found this tool really informative and a great “one stop” site to answer the many questions our teenagers have at this stage of making future study choices..”
Rachael Bessinger