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University, apprenticeship or workforce. What's the right choice for each student?

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 The Pay Index helps schools, colleges and students

The decision whether to go to university, take an apprenticeship or go straight into the workforce can be a difficult one. Access to accurate and timely information is a critical part of this decision making process. However, information is difficult to find and hard to interpret.

The Pay Index has created reports in conjunction with  a number of higher education bodies to create an easy to use and informative tool for students to make a sound decision at this critical stage in their development.  

What are the student outcomes?

The Pay Index answers key questions on the minds of students and parents:

• What are the best degrees and regions to study based on the students longer term career goals?
• What geographic options are available after completing their course?
• What value can university bring to a student’s job prospects?
• How might a university degree affect a student’s take home pay?
• What is the effect on his/her cost of living when choosing where to live?


Reports to help students and parents make the right decision


My Future: University

My Future: Degree

My Future: Apprenticeship


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