Frequently asked questions

The Pay Index is a privately owned, backed HR technology company based in Maidenhead, UK.

Please reach out to us with any questions you have.

The Pay Index is a crowd-sourced business model, whereby individuals are only given access to The Pay Index compensation data if they contribute their salary and related pay information. By ensuring the website is free to use for individuals it encourages more people to contribute their data, which in turn makes the database more accurate and valuable for all users.

Individual users are only able to access compensation data for the function in which they work, which is unlike a paid corporate account where users can access multiple functions.

Yes – all we would recommend is that you create two separate accounts, using a personal email (eg. Gmail) for your individual account, and your company / work email for your corporate account. Using this method ensures your data and personal information remain separate.

The Pay Index stores all data on UK-based protected Microsoft Azure servers, within encrypted SQL databases. We have Cyber Essentials certification, a UK Government backed scheme to protect against the most common cyber threats and demonstrates our commitment to cyber security.  

This is currently a Beta site and is a work in progress. We would be very pleased if you could contact us to let us know so we can improve and enhance the product. Please contact

No. Your data is anonymised, and we work to the highest levels of data privacy including GDPR. The registration process of The Pay Index has been designed so that individual users do not enter personally identifiable information, such as the company at which they work or even their name.

The database is updated every 24 hours to ensure users are always able to view current information.

Our compensation data is provided directly from senior executives from around the globe as well as some publicly available data from company sources. Our system automatically cleanses any outlier data and the information is cross-referenced by our team of experts to ensure accuracy. We do not purchase any 3rd part data or supplement our data via any secondary sources.

As The Pay Index is free to use for individuals we encourage users to return keeping their anonymised data up to date. We use different methods to ensure our global executive compensation data is as accurate as possible:

  • We know roughly what each role is valued at, and employ fuzzy logic to identify and recheck suspect data
  • Overnight we check all new data before aggregating it with our data pool
  • We examine outliers on our data set, and will remove if appropriate
  • We reiterate to our participants to submit accurate data so they gain maximum value from The Pay Index.

The Pay Index is able to offer bespoke solutions for our clients, either in the treatment and application of its own compensation data, or through insight by incorporating additional data sources. Our Cost of Living data exemplifies this.

Please click on the ‘forgot password’ link on the log in page and you will be asked to enter the email that you registered your account against. You will then receive a temporary link to that email which will grant you access to your account and enable you to reset your password.