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Addressing the gender pay gap? Use The Pay Index to ensure you understand current gender pay inequality.

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The Pay Index provides up-to-date data, easy-to-use interactive tools and professional services to enable HR Professionals, Executive Talent Specialists, Head of Rewards, CFOs and other Business Leaders to accurately compare current compensation levels.

We are committed to improving transparency around salary and compensation across the global workforce, our clients currently including FTSE 250 companies.

The Pay Index's tool for businesses is designed specifically to address many of the painpoints faced by companies of all sizes, around the world. Our reports translate more than two million data points into manageable and informative reports, helping you to make the right decisions backed up by fresh data.


“The whole team at Merco is very excited at the opportunities that will arise following our project with The Pay Index. We are confident that our new services, via The Pay Index, will be very well received by both our candidates and our clients. This project outcome will add to our ongoing efforts to support the healthcare sector."
Richard Champion, CEO of Merco

“Here TALiNT Partners have joined forces with The Pay Index, the premiere tool for primary salary research, to build detailed insight on remuneration for the most senior roles in the Global TA market. "
Debra Sparshot, Employer Programme Director, TALiNT Partners

“The Pay Index has given us an edge over our competitors by enabling us to stand out from the crowd. Their unique data reporting helps us to retain and inform our candidate and client audiences. We couldn’t be happier to be working with them.”

Ewen Burns, Global Head of Clients and Markets at Pure Search



Here's what you can use The Pay Index for...

Need to show cost savings to the CFO or looking to grow the business through new hires? Use The Pay Index to understand the going rate for a range of roles and experience within your sector, to help you to compensate your current and prospective employees accurately. Compensating employees with a fair salary and other benefits, will enable your business to not only keep the best talent but to attract the best too.

The Pay Index is updated daily ensuring it is one of the most accurate databases of executive compensation available.

We aggregate data from world renowned data suppliers as well as real-time data collected from executive and professional users. All profiles are checked before being added to the data set. 

Increasing pressure surrounding the gender pay gap is placing demands on companies to ensure they possess a comprehensive awareness of current and future pay levels. The Pay Index helps you to understand how your company is performing compared to the industry and where you need to make changes. The Pay Index contains up to date compensation for the global female executive community, making it an ideal resource for your Human Resources department.

The Pay Index's reports will soon include ethnicity data.

With new legislation being implemented across the USA, such as New York City’s Introduction Number 1253-A, which prohibits all employers from inquiring about a prospective employee's salary history, the need for crowd-sourced databases, such as The Pay Index, will be increasingly important to help companies understand executive compensation.

The Pay Index is exclusively focused on the global Executive and Senior Executive, making it one of the most comprehensive sources available for executive compensation.

Have a specific project in mind? Use our professional services to provide customised solutions for your business. The Pay Index specifically focuses on the senior executive community as this is one of the most difficult groups to gain accurate compensation data for.

The Pay Index has a unique feature enabling you to compare executive compensation against a cost of living index for other cities and countries to ensure you know exactly how much the ‘real-world’ income will be for your global executive community.

If your company is making out of industry executive hires then The Pay Index will provide you with an immediate overview of salary, bonus and stock expectations for these less familiar functions and geographies.

The Pay Index will provide your company with knowledge of executive talent cost and availability in locations you are less familiar with, helping you to budget for and make informed decisions about new geographies.

With more staff now working remotely than ever before, The Pay Index enables businesses to analyse the potential impact this can have on their compensation models. Taking into account location and the increase in utilities and other costs associated with working from home.


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Contact us for a free demo and if you like how our reports improve your knowledge and insight of global executive compensation, we have a flexible range of monthly and annual subscriptions to suit the needs of your company.

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Did you know

The average raise an employee receives for leaving is between a 10% to 20% increase in salary – and in some cases this can increase up to 50%

How does it work?

The Pay Index gathers information from publicly available records, data service providers and crowdsourced from senior executives themselves.

As the accuracy of the data is tantamount, we verify the data using logic and machine learning before uploading it to our fully encrypted databases.

The Pay Index web-based tool then allows Rewards Managers, Compensation and Benefits managers, RemCo specialists, recruiters and other senior leaders responsible for executive compensation to register for a variety of global executive compensation reports.

Other stakeholders such as Universities and journalists also use The Pay Index to uncover insights useful for their research.

The full range of interactive online reports allow users to understand how education, tenure, years of experience, gender, sector and other criteria impacts executive compensation levels.


Professional Services

The Pay Index works with organisations to resolve a number of HR challenges predicated around the topics of Reward Management and Diversity & Inclusion. 

We will work with your organisation to develop a tailored approach, including bespoke branded reports, to help our SaaS complement existing structures to help you achieve your goals. Bringing The Pay Index's unique approach to reporting and problem solving to the table from day one.


Data Accuracy

How do you ensure the data, especially compensation data, is accurate?

We have data gleaned over 18 years of partnerships with data providers and know that pay is dependent on different functions in different sectors in different geographies . We check the data in a number of ways:

  • We have seen what each role is valued at, and employ rules to identify and recheck suspect data.

  • Overnight we check all new data before aggregating it with our data pool.

  • We examine outliers on our data set, and remove if appropriate.

  • We reiterate to our participants to submit accurate data, so they gain maximum value from The Pay Index.


Request a demo

Request a free demo to gain immediate access to the latest Global Executive Compensation data

Contact us for a free demo and if you like how our reports improve your knowledge and insight of global executive compensation, we have a flexible range of monthly and annual subscriptions to suit the needs of your company.

Request a demo