What functions pay the best cash bonuses – 2018 ranking report released

10/3/2018 The Pay Index

In our latest data snapshot we decided to drilldown on which functions offer the best annual cash bonuses.

These results are based on the compensation data of 7,500 global executives who are currently registered on The Pay Index and all data is less than 12 months old.

Overall data

The average cash bonus across the entire database of executives, spanning all functions, regions and roles, stands at 20.10% (with base salary being 63.45% and deferred cash / stock making up the remaining 16.45%).

Ranking table infographic

Analysing cash bonus trends across eleven core functions, we can now reveal the following ranking table:

The rankings from lowest to highest

Cash bonus as a percentage of total compensation:

  • Audit 6.31%
  • Legal 12.49%
  • Compliance 14.05%
  • HR 16.65%
  • Finance, Tax & Treasury 18.10%
  • Information Security 19.50%
  • Sales, Product, Marketing & Digital 20.72%
  • COO / Operations 20.98%
  • Risk 21.43%
  • CEO 23.20%
  • Technology 23.85%

Technology leads the way

Is it any great surprise to see that Technology leads the way with cash bonuses when considering that every major talent report that has been released in the last 18 months has cited the global shortage in technology talent.

Art Papas, CEO and technology leader, highlighted this in a recent keynote: “Demand for technology talent has never been higher. The scary part is that we don’t even know the technology jobs we need talent for at the moment as the market is moving so quickly. It’s no surprise that the Talent War is currently being centred around technology talent.”

The fact that Technology is outranking the CEO function in the bonus rankings highlights that more than ever before, technology leaders are being viewed as a driving force behind the success of a company.

Risk comes in at a surprise 3rd place in the rankings

However, what may lead to a few raised eyebrows is that Risk is ranked third in the 2018 Pay Index Bonus Rankings, surprisingly outperforming functions such as Sales, Product and Marketing, Information Security and Finance.

Huw Jones, director within Leathwaite’s Legal, Risk and Compliance practice commented: “I was not as surprised as some to see where the Risk function was within the rankings. Factors such as the continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit, combined with the constantly evolving regulatory market conditions, are clearly highlighting the priority companies are placing on retaining and attracting the very best risk executive talent within their organisation.”

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The data:

  • Average total compensation is $409.37K / £301.84K
  • Data taken from over 7,500 global senior executives
  • 50% of the database work within companies of 10,000+
  • 89% of the database possess a Batchelors and / or Masters Degree
  • 86% of the database possess 16 or more years in industry
  • 460 different cities
  • 64 different countries