NEW Individual Dashboard Release

4/25/2018 The Pay Index

NEW - Individual Dashboard Release from The Pay Index


We're constantly improving The Pay Index to ensure users gain the most value from our compensation comparison dashboards.

In our latest software release, we're pleased to include a NEW individual dashboard report design, which includes the following key features:

(NEW) Total Compensation Comparison Chart

  • Immediately compare your role and comp to see what job titles, industries, company sizes and locations, pay the best for your role.
  • The yellow column compares the average TC for your job title against the highest average City, Job title etc. in your function.
  • The green column shows the difference between your TC and the average TC for the best paying criteria in your function

What is YOUR Pay Index?

  • Use the Pay Index scale to compare your pay against the market.
  • The Pay Index is calculated by your total compensation as a percentage of the average total compensation for your job title within your function.
  • A Pay Index of 100 reflects the current average total compensation for your job title.
  • If you are above 100, congratulations - you are currently paid in excess of the market average.
  • A Pay Index below 100 gives you an indication of how much more you could be earning.

Compare by Country

  • If you are considering a role abroad, the two charts on the right of the dashboard enable you to see what your role is currently paying within different countries.
  • Just click on the countries for specific information.


Feedback from one current user highlighted how useful it is to drill-down on compensation via the interactive online dashboard:

‘The detail of the reports combined with the ability to drill-down by sector, role and gender is really helpful,’ stated one Managing Director of a global investment bank.



Registration is completely FREE:

The Pay Index is completely FREE for individuals to use - by keeping it free it encourages more senior executives to use the site, which in turn helps to create a more accurate and detailed compensation landscape for everyone to refer to.