Best Paid Global CEOs in 2017 / 2018 (Bloomberg)

4/24/2018 Highest paying jobs

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(Extract) With a half-billion-dollar pay package for 2017, Evan Spiegel claims the crown of an elite group of corporate leaders.

Spiegel, 27, got the $504.5 million package when Snap Inc., the firm he co-founded in college, went public last year, making him the highest-paid executive of a publicly traded U.S. company, according to the Bloomberg Pay Index.

In the top 10, he’s trailed by people who resemble him, and one another, in several ways. All work in private equity or technology and received compensation exceeding $100 million. Seven founded their firms. Six are billionaires. And, at a time when wage inequality and workplace harassment are at the forefront of America’s public discourse, none are women.

Only four women are in the Top 100

While a buoyant stock market helped lift the values of executive pay packages, men reaped most of the gains. Only four women cracked the top 100 of the index (which is a key concern considering the effort and drive to reduce the gender pay gap and improve pay quity across the board).

Top 10 rankings:

Co-founder & CEO
Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO
Co-founder & Co-CEO
Co-founder & Co-CEO
Co-founder & Chairman

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