2020 Study into Gender Balance @NYSE, NASDAQ and FTSE.

1/27/2020 Gender pay gap

The Pay Index analyzed the top 100 companies in FTSE, NYSE and NASDAQ by market capitalization utilizing publicly available information. We analysed how many women were in the positions of chair, CEO, CFO and the top 6 paid non-executive directors. This data was compared to The Pay Index proprietary data to contrast broader market trends against the largest public firms.
We found that poor gender diversity exists amongst the largest firms in both the USA and UK and that trend extends beyond the largest companies into all companies represented in The Pay Index database. We found that pay imbalance is widest amongst the largest companies and reduces when smaller companies are added to the sample.

There is an encouraging trend. The traditional route to CEO via the CFO position bodes better for the future as >16% of current CFO’s are women compared to just 6.6% of current CEO’s. Moreover, CFO women on average are paid more than men.

Another curios statistic shows that 58% of CHRO’s are women, however they have not solved the Gender Pay Gap as their female direct reports only earn 77% of their male counterparts.

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