This software will be useful for your entire career, so please use a personal email address.

The Pay Index has developed a completely new tool in conjunction with University of Nottingham’s Careers and Employability Service designed to answer the pressing career questions on most university students’ minds. We breakdown how organisations of all shapes and sizes work, as well as helping them to understand what a fair salary is, what the cost of living is all over the UK and whether they’re currently studying the right course to achieve their goals.


The tool offers three unique reports to help students understand what they can expect after graduating:

  1. My Future: First Job Offer
  2. My Future: My Career
  3. My Future: Head Office

Each report uses the most up to date information available from 2,000,000+ data points to provide an informative insight into your next steps, ensuring that you are as equipped to make your mark on the world, sooner rather than later.

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