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Parents use The Pay Index to give their children the best possible chance of success when it comes to understanding their future career prospects, covering employability, salary expectations and university satisfaction data.


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"This is an incredibly helpful tool that I wish I had before starting university to help me with understanding the variance of pay."

- Izzy, Student


My Child's Future 

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  • Understand how a university degree could impact you child’s future salary
  • Compare the employability statistics of universities across the UK
  • Compare ten years of potential earnings by degree type
  • See salary variations broken down by UK region
  • Understand the gender pay gap

My Child's Future: Plus+

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  • All the benefits of My Child's Future: Plus+:
  • See how apprenticeships and university outcomes vary
  • See student satisfaction scores across courses and universities
  • Understand learning pathways by qualification level and test-type
  • Understand taxes, NI, and student loan costs on their take home pay

 Encourage the right choice

Choosing between university, an apprenticeship or going straight into the workforce is one that many students consider. Access to accurate and timely information is a critical part of this decision making process and that's where we come in.


What do our reports show?

The Pay Index key questions on the minds of students:

  • What value can a university degree bring to my job prospects?
  • What are the best degrees and regions to study based on my longer term career goals?
  • Where are the best places in the UK to find a job after completing my course?
  • How might a university degree affect my take home pay? 

Reports to help students and parents make the right decision


Ten year earnings view

Local apprenticeship view

Course satisfaction statistics



"I found The Pay Index reports extremely useful when looking into future career options to ensure a fair pay outcome." 

- Toby


Some schools provide a different version of The Pay Index for free. If you would like access to those reports please contact your careers teacher.

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